• Dec. 2013
  • Ranks first place in the Ministry of Employment and Labor Central Region Office’s 2013 Youth Internship Program Managing Institution assessment
  • Dec. 2013
  • Selected as “Excellence in Educational Quality,” The Korea Accreditation Board for Vocational Higher Education’s professional college institutional assessment
  • Jun. 2013
  • Chinese Language School opens at International Education Center
  • Mar. 2013
  • 1,800 incoming students for 28 associate’s degree programs, 360 incoming students for 20 bachelor’s degree programs
  • Feb. 2013
  • The 20th Matriculation Ceremony (total of 1,687 graduates with associate’s degrees from 31 departments, bachelor’s degrees with intensive major from 11 departments)


  • Oct. 2012
  • New approval for bachelor’s degree programs with intensive major option (Department of Architectural Interior Design and 11 other departments)
  • Oct. 2012
  • Construction of Seungtae Hall (Well-Being Health Center), Kyungmin University
  • Jul. 2012
  • Dr. Yeonshin Lee appointed as the sixth Provost of Kyungmin University
  • Apr. 2012
  • Selected for the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology’s “Educational Capacity Enhancement Program”
  • Apr. 2012
  • MOU with ROK Army for implementation of filial piety education program
  • Mar. 2012
  • Opening of Departments of Nursing, Airline Services, and Tax Accounting. 1,817 incoming students for 28 programs in 7 schools
  • Feb. 2012
  • Name changed from Kyungmin College to Kyungmin University


  • Nov. 2011
  • Government approval for bachelor’s degree in intensive major programs with no co-op requirement
  • Mar. 2011
  • Opening of University Living Hall, Moses Hall, Esther Hall
  • Feb. 2011
  • Opening of Departments of Public Health Administration, Music, Beauty Skin Care1,844 incoming students for 26 departments in 8 schools.


  • Oct. 2010
  • The fifth Kyungmin Grand Prize ceremony. Late Yonggi Kim (founder of Canaan Farmers’ School), Sanggi Kim (Third ROK Army field marshal), Suntae Kim (Head of Siloam Optometry)
  • Jul. 2010
  • Third consecutive year to be selected for the Ministry of Education’s “Professional College Educational Capacity Enhancement” program


  • Nov. 2009
  • Selected as a contractor for the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family-led Yangju-si Center for Supporting At-Home Health Care
  • Oct. 2009
  • Launch, Opening Ceremony for Euijeongbu-si Filial Piety Promotion Movement HQ, Hyochung Training Center
  • Oct. 2009
  • The 4th Kyungmin Grand Prize ceremony, Sunggyu Choi (Provost of Sungsan University and Graduate School), General Schwartz (ex-Commander for ROK-US Combined Forces Command), Changgeun Choi (CEO of Hyodo Silver Newspaper)
  • Feb. 2009
  • Opens Departments of Police Administration, Military Administrative Services and Filial Piety Educator, Early Childhood Art Education. 1,844 incoming students for 19 departments in 4 schools


  • Sep. 2008
  • Selected for the Ministry of Education’s “Educational Capacity Enhancement for Professional College in Fostering Talent Development” program
  • Apr. 2008
  • Selected for Gyeonggi Gyeonggi-do’s “Specialized Industry-Academic-Government Talents Development” program
  • Mar. 2008
  • Selected for the Ministry of Labor’s “Employment Placement Support Function Enhancement” program


  • Dec. 2007
  • Kyungmin History Hall opening ceremony
  • Oct. 2007
  • The 40th-anniversary celebration, construction of Business Incubator Center (Entrepreneurship Palace)
  • Oct. 2007
  • Selected as a service provider for Euijeongbu-si’s public Eoryong Daycare and Childcare Information Center
  • Apr. 2007
  • Relocation and construction of Hyechon Memorial Hall, the unveiling of the memorial statue
  • Apr. 2007
  • Selected for Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business Total Support Center’s “Specialized Industry-Academic-Government Talents Development” program provider
  • Apr. 2007
  • Selected for Korea Creative Content Agency’s “Cultural Contents Specialized Education Institution” grant